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Katie was born and bred in Southern California, and she has been teaching fitness throughout Orange County for over 15 years. She was inspired to teach spin because it levels the playing field among participants in a fitness setting; in the Saddle Room, you can have the triathlete, the first-time exerciser who wants to drop 50lbs, and the mommy-to-be all riding as one! When Katie is not on the bike, she’s teaching coreplay™, a class she created combining the best of pilates, yoga, barre, and sometimes knock-knock jokes if she has to--anything to help her students feel better physically, mentally, and soulfully!

Katie’s classes are a mashup of finding the silly (even when you want to puke!) and knowing that it's alright to show up sometimes and just sweat out your problems. Her music has the same bandwidth; it runs the gamut from filthy, dirty rap to a Hall & Oates remix. There is always something to smile about with this one!

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