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Meet Dani: One of GritCycle’s very first instructors! Though I’m sure we all assumed she came out of the womb a spinning, tattooed-studette, she actually started taking spin while she was in law school. She fell in love with fitness and has been teaching for the last 6 years. During her classes, you can watch her specialize in hair flips, mirror slaps, loud music, and fast-paced movements.

Dani loves the community GritCycle has formed - giving people an outlet for their inner badass and changing someone’s day (even if it is just 45 minutes.)  Her all-time favorite move is the “Sassy Cassie” named after our Managing Director, Cassie; it is a super sexy full-body moving travel. When she’s not in the Saddle Room, you can find her at Disneyland with her super rad husband, Glenn, playing with her three adorable pups, roller skating, paddle boarding, or working her guns with 16 oz. curls.


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Sun 10/22 9:30 AM Cycle Book
Sun 10/22 12:00 PM Karma Ride Book
Mon 10/23 9:30 AM Instructor of the Month Class Book
Tue 10/24 5:45 AM Cycle Book
Wed 10/25 9:30 AM Cycle Book
Fri 10/27 9:30 AM Cycle Book
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